Panama Texas Summit

Panamá Texas Business Summit® 2021

Austin – July 25-27

You don’t want to miss the Panamá Texas Business Summit®, Why?

Because everything is bigger in Texas!

We all know that Covid-19 has hit businesses hard worldwide. We also know that those who turn business threats into opportunities, are the ones who triumph and grow.
The Panamá Texas Business Summit® has the objective of achieving commercial exchange between private businesses and the Chamber of commerce of Panamá and the state of Texas.
It is a unique opportunity for the businesses of Panamá and Texas to create real business connections in a fast, effective, and modern way in one of the biggest and most active markets in the world.

In the working sessions the main attributes of the products and services of the different categories will be exposed: Agriculture, Specialty Coffee, Real Estate, Banking and Investments, Construction, Food Industry, Clean Energy, Ports and Maritime Services, Technology and Tourism.

The Panamá Texas Business Summit® will be held at the Marriott Hotel Downtown Austin, Texas from July 25 to 27, 2021. The Panama Texas Business Summit® is a private initiative with the bilateral participation of the Republic of Panama and the Economic Development & Tourism Office, Office of Governor Greg Abbott.

Panama Texas Summit

Panamá City

Panama Texas Business Summit

Austin City, Texas

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Featured Speakers & Leaders of Local Industry

The Panamá Texas Business Summit® will count on the participation of featured Speakers & Moderators leaders of local industry, government and personalities that will share the most interesting lectures and business opportunities with the attendees.

Summit categories

Banking and Investment
Specialty Coffee

Clean Energy
Food Industry
Real Estate

Ports & Maritime Services

Speakers 2021

The Panamá Texas Business Summit® will count on the participation of featured Speakers & Moderators leaders of local industry, government and personalities that will share the most interesting lectures and business opportunities with the attendees.

Carmen Cecilia Vergara, speaker Panama Texas Summit

Carmen Gisela Vergara
Ambassador & Executive Director PROPANAMÁ
Keynote speaker

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Jaime Sosa

Jaime A. Sosa
Counsul General of Panama in Houston, Texas
Keynote speaker

Adriana Cruz

Adriana Cruz
xecutive Director, Economic Development & Tourism Office, Office of Governor of Texas Greg Abbott
Keynote Speaker

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Juan McKay

Juan McKay
Executive Director, Panama Pacifico
Keynote Speaker

Eric Paz

Eric Paz
Panamá Texas Business Summit®

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Moderadores del Summit

Iván Eskildsen
Minister of Tourism of Panama
Tourism Summit

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Aimee Sentmat

Aimeé Sentmat
President, Panama Banking Association – (ABP)
Banking & Investment Summit

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Carlos Fernández

Carlos Fernández
CEO – CAO Constructora
Construction Summit

Ignacio Ma

Ignacio Mallol
Mallol Arquitectos
Construction Summit

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Juan Carlos Navarro

Juan Carlos Navarro
Co-Founder, Senior Advisor – NSolar
Clean Energy Summit

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Ricardo Koyner

Ricardo Koyner
President, CEO – Café Kotowa
Coffee Summit

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Jaime Blanco

Jaime Blanco
Ex Presidente de la Cámara Panameña de Tecnología (CAPATEC),
VP de Estrategia – CLAdirect , Special guest Jonathan Diaz, Business Director “City of knoledge Foundation”

Adolfo Linares

Attorney – Tapia, Linanes & Alfaro

“Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp Investment Opportunities in Panama”
Agriculture Summit

Katherine Shahani

Katherine Shahani

Dirctor Shahani Group, special Guests, Monique de Cespeds and Sergio Riestra
Real Estate Summit

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Sunday 25

3:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Registration & Welcome
7:00 p.m. Welcome Cocktail

Monday 26

  • 8:00am Breakfast
    Jaime Sosa, Consul General of Panamá in Houston, Texas
    Eric Paz – CEO, Panamá Texas Business Summit®
  • 9:30am Specialty Coffee Summit
    Moderator, Ricardo Koyner, CEO KOTOWA farms, Boquete, Panamá 
  • Special Guest, Benito Bermudez, Café Unido
  • 11:00 a.m. Food Industry & Agriculture Summit
    Moderator, Adolfo Linares, Lawyer, Medical Cannabis & Hemp Investments Opportunities in Panamá
  • Special Guest, Juan Carlos MAstellari, CEO, AGROPARK Panamá
  • 12:30md Lunch
  • 2:00 p.m. Tourism Summit
     Moderator, Ivan Eskildsen, Minister of Tourism, Panamá 
    Special Guest: Carlos Bethancourt, Guide Cannopy Tower, Panamá
  •  3:30pm Panama As a Business HUB
     Moderator, Juan Carlos Sosa Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, Panama
  • Aimeé Sentmat, President, Panama Banking Association
  • 7:00 p.m. Dinner “Taste of Panamá”, by Chef Cuquita Arias, Culinary Ambassador
    Keynote speaker, Camen Gisela Vergara
    Ambassador & Executive Director of PROPANAMÁ,
    Foreign Ministry of Panamá

Tuesday 27

Tuesday 27

  • 8:00 a.m. Breakfast
    Juan McKay, Logistics, Executive Director – Panamá Pacífico
  • 9:30 a.m. Real Estate Summit
    Moderator, Katherine Shahani, Director Grupo Shahani
    invitados especiales, Monique de Cespedes y Sergio Reistra
  • Robert Cowes III, CEO & President  Smarttouch interactive
  • 11:00 a.m. Construction Summit
    Carlos Fernández, CEO – CAO Constructora
    Ignacio Mallol, CEO – Mallol Arquitectos
  • 12:30 p.m. Lunch
    Panama Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture
  • 1:30 p.m. Technology Summit
    Moderator, Jaime Blanco, Former President – Panamá Technology Association
  • Special Guest, Jonathan Díaz, Business Director “City of Knowledge Foundation”, Panama
  • 2:30 p.m. Clean Energy Summit
    Moderator, Juan Carlos Navarro, CEO – NSolar
  • Special Guest, Patrick Dillon, President –  Patrick Dillon ARQUITECTURA, Panama
  • 3:30 p.m. Ports & Maritime Services Summit
  • Moderator, Julio De La Lastra, CEO One-Line, “The future of container shipping is here”, Panama
  • Special Guest, Cap. Bill Diehl, President “Greater Houston Ports Bureau”
  • 7:00 p.m. Dinner “Taste of Texas” by Marriott
    Adriana Cruz, Keynote Speaker
    Executive Director, International Business Trade Office of
    Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

* The agenda might be change upon speakers and moderator’s confirmation.

Panama Texas Summit

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