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Carolina Paz, Senior Communication Specialist, PTBS

With the participation of important companies, both Panamanian and American, from the San Antonio area of ​​the state of Texas, the second version of the Panama Texas Business Summit culminated, a conference that took place in the city of San Antonio, Texas, on September 15 and 16. Similarly, important personalities and special guests participated in this event, which to date has yielded significant results, commented Eric Paz, CEO and Chairman of PTBS.

We have been able to participate directly in the negotiation of the Panapark logistics hub, a logistics park of great importance in Panama, with which we signed a marketing agreement with several interested parties and potential users. In addition to the official presentation of the Terra Viva project, the first urban development in the middle of botanical gardens in Coronado. In this closed-door presentation, Roberto Eisenmann III had the opportunity to present his new project to the CiPS International Certified agents, participants who came from all over Texas to the summit, they were also able to present Panamanian food products to the most important chain in Texas, HEB, which showed interest for its immediate export process, in items such as special coffee, oatmeal for pancakes, cookies, among others. Likewise, the summit had the opportunity to make strategic alliances with the Small Business Administration office of the United States Department of Commerce and a memorandum of understanding was reached with the company Alamo Angels, who will soon be developing a marketing strategy through the PTBS, for companies in Panama, continued Eric Paz. Now the strategy of the PTBS organization seeks to find business niches between Panama and Texas and encourage investment between both cities.

For his part, the Consul General of Panama in Houston, His Excellency Jaime Sosa at a press conference during the summit, with the FOX and NBC network on the first day of the summit, he managed to highlight the participation of Panamanian companies that met during the summit, being able to connect quickly and efficiently with American businessmen who are interested in investing in Panama.

Panama’s strategic location and its experience in logistics make an investment in the Caribbean country very attractive, commented Jesus Saenz, Director of Airports in San Antonio, who is currently in the advanced phase of the negotiation with the Panamanian airline Copa, to open the direct air route between Panama and San Antonio, which we know will happen at any moment, commented the senior executive from San Antonio.

For her part, Jenna Saucedo-Herrera, CEO and President of Greater SATX, and the San Antonio Economic Development office, recognized the interest in promoting investment between both, Panama, and Texas, since trade far exceeds every day and expectations indicate high economic growth between both natural partners Panama and Texas.

During two days of conferences, 35 exhibitors presented themselves, 14 from Panama and 21 from Texas, detailing the latest trends in the 10 economic sectors discussed at the summit.

Now we only must follow up on these alliances and continue promoting trade between Panama and Texas, a primary function of the summit and The PAZ Family Foundation who made the creation and execution of this event possible, as Eric Paz referred to the meeting that attracted more than 190 businessmen from Panama and Texas. An important goal has been successfully achieved for Panama and those professionals who seek to open other horizons to do business with Texas, confirming that it is not that difficult and that they do not have to live in Texas to do business, the global world is there, for that., to use what technology and innovation offer us, ended by saying Eric Paz, at the closing of the PTBS.


The Panama Texas Business Summit® helps and facilitates investment and business trade  between Panama and Texas. The PTBS is a private initiative and has the support of both governments, Panama, and Texas.